[Translation of the letter written by 'Schaliach' to the Rectors and District-
leaders from several Apostle-districts in Germany, mid-July 1998 (Remark RF)]

New Apostolics in Germany!

Did you know that...

1. ... fish always start rotting at the head?
2. ... there is a retired NAC Priest in Switzerland who tries to stop the
rotting process of the New Apostolic Church?
3. ... his name Erwin Meier-Widmer and his address is: Im Riet 6, CH-8200
Schaffhausen, Switzerland?
4. ... he attended Sunday School together with Chief Apostle Fehr?
5. ... after Erwin Meier-Widmer saw many abuses in NAC missionary areas, he
started a correspondence with Chief Apostle Fehr about them?
6. ... after a time, this correspondence was terminated by Chief Apostle Fehr?
7. ... Chief Apostle Fehr then appointed a committee, which was directed to
talk with Pr. Meier?
8. ... this committee bears the name "Gremium f?r besondere Angelegenheiten"
("Committee for Special Affairs")?
9. ... this committee has come together in Frankfurt/Main several times now?
10. ... this committee consists of the District Apostle Klingler (chairman),
District Apostle Wend, Bishop Opdenplatz and District Evangelist Johanning
(the Chief Apostle's media representative)?
11. ... hundreds of brothers and sisters, administration brothers and higher
administration bothers" are supporting Pr. Meier's initiative (the "Freunde
der reinen Jesulehre", the "Friends of the pure doctrine of Jesus")?
12. ... on behalf of the "Friends of the pure doctrine of Jesus" Pr. Meier has
presented the "Committee for Special Affairs" with 12 theses and has asked the
Chief Apostle to answer them?
13. ... these theses aim specifically to put the doctrine of JESUS back to be
the most important issue in the NAC?
14. ... the "committee for special affairs" has produced very vague answers.
Chief Apostle Fehr has not answered directly, either?
15. ... Pr. Meier again talked with the "Committee for Special Affairs" and
presented 12 new theses to them, in order to correct abuses in the NAC?
16. ... the "Committee for Special Affairs" has refused to answer the theses
because "all these new theses have been outdated in the meantime"?
17. ... this among other things would mean that the Chief Apostle's salary
(converted to Norwegian/Swedish/Danish currency is about 130.000 Kroner, or
110.000 Finnish Mark, or 12,000 Pound Sterling, or 18,000 US$ PER MONTH)
"has been outdated in the meantime"?
18. ... you could realistically estimate the District Apostle's salary to be
at least half of the above amount?
19. ... you help make this possible by innocently offering your 10% every month?
20. ... the Chief Apostle's automobile is a Mercedes 500 (!), and that the
retired District Apostle Kraus gave this car to the Chief Apostle?
21. ... it is quite understandable that these actions make more and more brothers
and sisters leave the NAC?
22. ... the total number of members that heard the Chief Apostle transmission
service for the entire German province of Northrhine-Westphalia on January 1st
was less than 40,000 (total membership 100,000). (Reference the Our Family
from March 1998, page 4).
23. ... only 60% of the members in Switzerland, according to official NaC-
statistics, attend the services?
24. ... the growth of the membership in the largest "missionary areas" (India,
and formerly Za 25. ... the growth of the NAC has slowed considerably, and it is doubtful that
the Church will reach the magical number of 10 million members?
26. ... the whole world can read about this, and about many more things, on the
27. ... the internet-page of the "Freunde der reinen Jesulehre" is:
28. ... after the "committee for special affairs" refused to respond, Pr. Meier
informed the "Friends of the pure doctrine of Jesus" on 6 April 1998 that he has
broken off the talks with the committee?
29. ... in accordance with the Bible-verse Matthew 18: 15-17 all the brothers and
sisters will now be informed about the unwillingness of the NaC to correct abuses?
30. ... radio, television, newspapers, periodicals, the internet, every possible
medium will be used to inform the brothers and sisters about the abuses?
31. ... this mailing is a small contribution to reaching that goal?

Yours faithfully,


Fotocopies which were included with this circular letter:
- Theme 20 (in German).
- Theme 19 (in German).
- Tax-paper 1995 from Fehr-Wihler, Richard and Sonja
(Net earnings 302,400 Swiss Francs, net property 27,000 Swiss Francs)
- Tax paper 1994 from Dessimoz-Graf, Jean-Pierre und Ruth
(Net earnings 228,400 Swiss Francs, net property 224,000 Swiss Francs)
- Theme 8 (in German).
- Answer of the Commission for special affairs to Theme 8 (in German).
- Letter (May 12 1995) from District-apostle Dessimoz "To all the priests and
those who are responsible for the external communciation in the Apostle-district
Switzerland" (in German).
- Letter (May 2 1995) from Chief-apostle Fehr about Chief-
apostle Bischoff's Botschaft (in German).
- Letter (November 10 1989) from Chief-apostle Fehr to a brother in the
Federal Republic of Germany (in German).

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