Some interesting items in the English language.


The New Apostolic Church in the 3rd Reich, being a translation for our English-language friends from the article Die Neuapostolische Kirche im "Dritten Reich".

Letter (22.3.1989) from District Apostle Kraus to every New Apostolic family in the United States and Canada.

Letter from Brother E. Beck to District Apostle Kraus.

"Why I Am Not A New Apostolic". Excerpts from an essay by David N. Stamos.

Translation of the letter written by 'Schaliach' to the Rectors and District-leaders from several Apostle-districts in Germany, mid-July 1998.

Letter (24.8.1998) from District Apostle Wagner "To Our Brothers & Sisters in Canada, the U.S.A. and the United Kingdom".

Fax (6 January 1999) from Stephen Langtry to District-Evangelist Johanning.

Download (ca. 75 kB): NAC South Africa: read and shiver...

New Year's letter from Senior District Apostle Wagner.

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