Letter from Brother E. Beck to District Apostle Michael Kraus.

Before being multiplied, the date "16 February 1983" and the text "To all Apostles of the Apostle District Canada and Priests & up in Canada, United Kingdom, and USA" were added at the top of this letter.

My dear friend and District Apostle Kraus,

I share this experience with you, because what I witnessed was a soul-stirring sensation.
On Friday, February 11th, Apostle Wagner conducted a service in Tulsa. For this Friday evening service, the textword was taken from Isaiah 62, verses 11 and 12. Within the framework of that text was the wording "proclaim". Drawn to the attention of the congregation was the fact that we are to share the proclamation of the Apostles' Ministry with all of mankind unto all parts of the world.
On Saturday, February 12th, an afternoon service was held in the Raytown congregation. It is uncommon for an Apostle Service to be held on a Saturday; however, to fulfill the full schedule in our area, this had to be done. It was during this service that in spirit a famous American President, Abraham Lincoln, came to me. He revealed the following:

Please remember me on this date as it is the anniversary of my birth. I loved the black people and I saw their plight. In the divine service last night "Proclamation" was emphasized. I am the one who issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed the black slaves of this nation. Today, in the New Apostolic Church, a proclamation has been issued by your District Apostle Kraus. This is a greater proclamation than that which I was able to administer. This proclamation brings freedom to their souls. Please show your love to them. Again, don't forget me.

Dear District Apostle, may I add that with the Service for the Departed being ever so near, we especially remember this past President of the United States, as well as the many black Americans who may have died under slavery.

Sincerest love,

(signed) E. Beck

What we have here, is probably that to which David Stamos is his essay "Inside the New Apostolic Church" (you can find excerpts of it on this homepage) refers to as "the sealing of Abraham Lincoln". Well, from this letter we cannot conclude that Abraham Lincoln was sealed, though Abraham Lincoln speaks very favourable of the NAC Apostles' Ministry. One can well imagine that more than a few New Apostolics in the Apostle District Canada have been very much convinced that Abraham Lincoln has been sealed in the next Service of the Departed (this service "being ever so near", Sunday, March 6, 1983).

This letter raised a few questions with me:
- Why is Abraham Lincoln referring to District Apostle Kraus as the one who issued a proclamation? Why wasn't he referring to Chief Apostle Urwyler? Or to Apostle Wagner, who conducted the services on the 11th and 12th February?
- What does Abraham Lincoln mean when he says: "Again, don't forget me"? Nothing in the description of the vision gives the impression that Abraham Lincoln has asked to be remembered before he said "Again, &tc".
- Why did Abraham Lincoln not appear on the 11th February, when the word "proclaim" was prominent during the service? Why did Abraham Lincoln wait until the next day before revealing himself to Brother Beck?

In case some visitors of my homepage know more about this case, I would be very interested to hear from you! Please mail me at peter_n@myflat.com

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